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Ericka McKibbin
Executive Director

Ericka McKibbin serves at the Executive Director for Girls on the Run (GOTR) of the Big Bend. As a woman and mother of two young girls (16 and 9), she believes that it is critical to build strong girls who believe in themselves, value friendship, and understand the importance of giving back to their community. GOTR has developed a program that captures these values in a strategic approach. 'To build strong girls through fitness, self-esteem, leadership, and service, I can’t imagine anything better.' Ericka has over 17 years of experience in community development work that has ranged from volunteer to trainer to director to consultant. Supporting others to finding their personal potential to make real change in their lives and communities is her passion. On a personal level, the program inspires her with its focus on ‘girl power’ and the positive role that fitness/running can play in bringing confidence, joy and strength.

Ashley Mayo
Program Coordinator

Ashley currently serves as our program coordinator with Girls on the Run of the Big Bend. Outside of GOTR, Ashley is a high school guidance counselor and holds a Masters in school counseling. She is active in the running community and recently has started training for triathlons completing her first tri at Red Hills this spring. Ashley’s passion for the program is driven by ‘wanting girls everywhere to be strong, healthy and full of joy. Encouraging girls to jump out of the “girl box”, GOTR allows them to fully realize their potential, and see that nothing is out of reach.’

Board of Directors

Michelle Winokur
Board Chair

Michelle Winokur is pleased to join the GOTR-BB board as of January 2014. Michelle currently works at the Florida Department of Financial Service as the Deputy Chief Financial Officer. In addition, Michelle is pursuing a doctorate of public health in epidemiology and biostatistics at Florida A&M University. A two-time graduate of the Florida State University, Michelle earned her bachelor's degree in public relations and her master's degree in integrated marketing communications. Outside of the office, Winokur is involved with her church and serves on the boards of the Tallahassee Alumnae Chapter of Chi Omega and the House Corporation Board of the Gamma chapter of Chi Omega at FSU, as well as FSU’s Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLDen) Ring Development Council. A fitness enthusiast, she enjoys triathlons and hot yoga among other sports. To Michelle, running is a physical challenge, an emotion purge, a health benefit, a way to spend time with friends and a method of pushing herself to her limits, but most of all, it is fun. Children, young girls in particular, deserve to have the opportunity to experience all of these feelings.

Phaedra Harris
Board Co-Chair

Phaedra Harris is pleased to join the GOTR BB Board of Directors. She has spent over 15 years as a Human Resources professional and is currently employed by Florida State University as a Director of Human Resources. She has volunteered in a variety of settings since graduate school including YMCA, Big Brother/Big Sister, Good Shepherd Catholic Church and local elementary schools. As the mother of two young daughters, she firmly believes in empowering young girls through leadership and life skills, strong body confidence, motivation to set and achieve fitness goals, and the power of a community of common beliefs and goals.

Tiffany A. Roddenberry
Board Secretary

Tiffany A. Roddenberry is an associate attorney at Holland & Knight LLP, focusing on trial and appellate litigation. Outside of work, Tiffany is an avid runner and a sometimes chaser of Grand Prix points with Gulf Winds Track Club. Tiffany is passionate about empowering young women to live healthy and fulfilling lives, to be leaders in their communities, and to achieve their true potential. Partnering with GOTR-BB seems like the perfect fit.

Betsy Miller
Board Treasurer

Betsy Miller is excited to join the Board of GOTR-BB as of March 2015. Betsy is a Certified Public Accountant, and after 8 years in public accounting, she is currently the Accounting Manager at Kaye Scholer LLP, an international law firm. Believing that it was important to be the best role model she could be for her daughter by living a healthy and active life, Betsy became a runner herself after her daughter, now almost 4, was born. Being part of the GOTR team will allow Betsy the opportunity to be involved with an organization that helps empower girls to reach their fullest potential.

James Balarezo
Board Member

James Balarezo is the franchise owner of BodyTrac Health & Fitness on Park Avenue. He began his career as a health and fitness professional in 2005, coupling an education in massage and bodywork with his passion for fitness. James is an active participant in many of Tallahassee’s running events. He believes strongly that communicating with today’s youth is the best way to create a future where obesity will be kicked to the curb. He is a volunteer for Junior Achievement and teaches middle school students good business practices as well as entrepreneurship. James is very excited to be working with GOTR and to have the opportunity to instill self-confidence and personal belief with the girls in the program. When James is not working on his business he enjoys playing soccer, mountain biking, running, and spending time with this wife Rebecca and their two huskies Hurley and Brixton.

JoAnne Adams
Board Member

JoAnne Suggs is pleased to join the GOTR-BB Board. JoAnne presently works as the Development Officer, Major Gifts with the Capital Area American Red Cross. As a woman and single mother of three daughters, JoAnne highly values the importance of empowering and educating young women to make healthy lifestyle choices and developing the confidence they need to become strong, capable women who continually strive to achieve their dreams. She is passionate about leadership for girls and providing them with strong role models. For over twenty years, JoAnne has served the Tallahassee community through numerous volunteer endeavors, including leading volunteer committees, fundraising, and working with children of varying ages.

Erika Hagan
Board Member

Erika Hagan is an Architect and a Principal at Hoy + Stark Architects, having served on numerous projects within the community for the past eight years. An avid runner, Erika exercises to relieve stress and regain focus and dedication to both her professional and personal life. Erika is passionate about giving back to the community and serving as an example to girls that they can do anything they put their mind to – two GOTR ideals that made her want to become a part of their organization.

Molly Weller
Board Member

Molly Weller is very excited to join the Girls on the Run of the Big Bend Board. Molly’s day job is as an economist for the Florida State Legislature’s Office of Economic and Demographic Research, but her biggest job and greatest joy is as a mother to a very active 9 year old. Through her daughter’s love of GOTR, Molly felt passionately about how the program was helping young girls and wanted to get involved. As a parent of a GOTR participant, Molly feels uniquely inspired to share how GOTR is empowering girls and making a real difference in their lives. As a former cheerleader, Molly is always looking for ways to use her voice to make a difference and sees this time with GOTR as a way to do just that.

Tonya Smith
Board Member

Tonya Smith is happy to join the Girls on the Run of the Big Bend Board of Directors as of May 2016. Tonya currently works at Premier Health & Fitness Center as the Programs and Communications Coordinator. Her career as a health & wellness professional began in 2006, when she started teaching group exercise and personal training at Florida International University. Tonya is particularly passionate about empowering young women to be positive leaders in our community by living healthy and fulfilling lives.

Ludmilla De Faria
Board Member

Ludmila is a clinical assistant professor and psychiatrist at Florida State University. She got involved with GOTR through her daughter, who participated in the program and has been a Super SoleMate since 2015. Ludmila believes in supporting women of all ages to be independent, confident and healthy. As a runner herself, she appreciates the the benefits of healthy competition and peer support. She is honored to join GOTR and help promote her two passions: bringing up strong women and running.

Elle Davis
Community Advisor

Elle Davis is a member of the Girls on the Run of the Big Bend since 2013 and a former Director and Co-Captain of the Tallahassee Soccer Association. Elle shares the following personal motivation that guided her decision to serve as a member of the Girls on the Run of the Big Bend Board, “I believe there is a tremendous need to inspire young girls. It is best to start mentoring as soon as possible.” Currently, Elle is a Managed Services Leader for Mainline Information Systems, Inc. at the Tallahassee Corporate office. She has over eight (8) years of progressive marketing leadership experience in the point-of-purchase fast food industry. She became a Team Beachbody® Fitness Coach in 2011. With this company, she helps adults live a healthy lifestyle by teaching consistent exercise and clean eating habits.

Mary Register
Community Advisor

Mary Register was part of the original steering committee to bring GOTR to the Big Bend. She has experience in non-profit and volunteer management including working with the United Way of the Big Bend and Big Bend Hospice. She has served on the Boards of several non-profit organizations. She is a life-long volunteer, fund raiser, event planner and community organizer. Mary has 20+ years of experience in sales and marketing with the (former) Anheuser-Busch distributor, and the Tallahassee Democrat. Currently, she works with Volunteer Florida managing the BEST Neighborhood program.

Heather Thomas
Community Advisor

Heather Thomas is the Editor of Tallahassee Woman magazine and a former high school English teacher. As a mother of two children, with her oldest being an active 8 year-old daughter, Heather is excited about being part of a program that will positively impact her daughter and other girls in the Big Bend community. Educating, connecting, and inspiring women of all ages and backgrounds is something she works toward on a daily basis in her position at Tallahassee Woman, and with her passion for running thrown into the mix, she feels that she has found a perfect community building partner with GOTR.

Amber Tynan
Community Advisor

Amber R. Tynan is a member of the Girls on the Run of the Big Bend since 2013. She is the Director of Development at the Southern Scholarship Foundation and has a deep passion for giving back to her community. A philanthropist at heart, Amber is dedicated to inspiring change in others while helping them reach their full potential. "Being a part of the GOTR team will allow me to put my skill set to use and empower young girls to be their best in all things."